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Reference recommender system
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Build an AI to recommend references for content of an article.

Wiki thing it helps with:

  • Reference suggestion based on other references in related articles

Things that might helps us get this AI built:

  • Blocks of similar referenced and unreferenced text
  • lists of references per article
  • segment references to pull out journal or series name for more general * suggestions: "This article may be supported by content from Cell Biology" (point to * The Wikipedia Library for non-open sources?)
  • Open Library
  • Google Books API
  • Text Mining (mining open access papers)
  • PLoS
  • Arxiv

Event Timeline

We'd want to have good indexes into high quality reference material. Publishers like Cell Biology and The New York Times get substantial benefit from citations in Wikipedia so they'd likely be interested in working with us to make sure that their articles can be recommended.

Halfak added a subscriber: Lucie.

I also refer to the grandfather task of Librarybase: T111066.

VPS-project-Librarybase would be a good data source for this endeavor, once it exists. It will take out a lot of the work of organizing structured data around sources.