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Create recommendations for databases/journals/websites, by WikiProject for WikiProject X
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At Wikimania, James and I talked about the possibility of using WikiProject X to create recommendations. @Halfak said that his current capabilities for the tool: it would just be a matter of engineering it.

The tool would a)screen the references in top class articles for a WikiProject (likely FA, GA, B), b) identify the most frequently used sources in that topic through comparing either urls, or titles of certain reference fields- whether by journal (i.e. The Lancet), website (i.e., identifiers (doi, for example or publisher/via (i.e. JSTOR, Project Muse, etc), and c) recommend those resources to editors as places to start their research -> rather than what is happening now which is either manually curated lists, or relying heavily on editors previous knowledge of a field or research -> neither of which are reliable "guarantees" of quality research strategies.

The main risk here, is that the tool isn't used and that the recommendations tend to be very generic (such as Google Books).

Additional potential use cases: recommending research starting points in unreferenced tags, based on WikiProject or categories; recommending TWL and/or open access sources to newish editors.

Useful links:
*Capability to figure out article quality in WP articles:
*Cability to extract structured citation information:

See also: T120502: Tools for dealing with citations of withdrawn academic journal articles

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I would like to create a structured database of Wikipedia citations. This includes the citation data itself (think OCLC on steroids), but also information about where the citation appears on Wikipedia. Implementation-wise this could manifest itself as a MediaWiki+Wikibase instance on Labs combined with a script that pulls citation data from Wikipedia. The script would (a) pull anything with a citation template and parse it; (b) pull anything between <ref> tags (and run incomplete citations through Parsoid), and (c) map out the data according to a schema. In principle this could be done on Wikidata but the level of granularity I want may be overkill for Wikidata's purposes.

With that infrastructure in place, a script could compare its index of WikiProjects and articles to entries in this database and provide information on the sources that are used the most by the highest-quality articles. The list could then be coupled with links to the Wikipedia Library "library card" system, itself containing a workflow encouraging people to sign up. (Or if the text is available on Wikisource or Commons, we could link to that. Paging @Daniel_Mietchen)

This approach would allow for applications far beyond WikiProjects, and it would provide a long-term solution to other citation-related issues. For example, when a journal article is retracted, it would be useful to see which articles cite that journal article. It also would help us get insight on sources used on other projects, since different language versions of articles are linked through their Wikidata item.

The Wikipedia Library is very much interested in the historical changes in citation data as well (especially when it comes to most cited works, and our particular partner sources). See

@Halfak Do you know if anyone else would be interested in working with @Harej on the reference database? Do we need to be reaching out to anyone else to include on working on that?

Moreover, does your current strategy for extracting the reference data pair well with his intended use of the data?

Also adding @Mvolz , who might be interested in this for Citoid: we could be, for instance, fixing repeated citation scraping errors coming out of Zotero as editors manually create good citations for that source.

/me puts on his volunteer hat

I'm working on some utilities now that will likely be relevant to extracting and processing <ref>s and identifiers historically. See and . I was just discussing plans with @Harej in Research. I plan to prioritize the tooling you guys need in those utilities.

Thanks @Halfak! Looking forward to you working on this.

I also wanted to add @Jdforrester-WMF . This might be of interest to Citoid, especially if is the strategy used to back the recommendations.

@Harej what is the timeline or next steps beyond the Wikibase and @Halfak's work?

@Harej Also, just discovered: Wouldn't want to be replicating too much their effort.

I'm familiar with that project and will be working with them.

Another use for a data set like this: , Verifiability metrics :)

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I'd be interested in working on creating a reference database. I'm particularly interested in tracking the usage of PMIDs (I'm about to start a short project with EuropePMC) rather than DOIs but it seems silly to replicate work.

I've got the output of @Halfak 's mwcites on a recent dump of enwiki on tools and am just thinking about importing the results into a wikibase install.

@Tarrow, I'm considering adding some generalized metadata extraction to mwcites (and integrating it into the more general mwrefs) at the hackathon. See I've already got some people working on DOIs. Maybe we could work together on making the metadata extractor for PMIDs easier to use at the hacka-summit. :)

Hello @Tarrow! I would be happy to work with you on integrating your work into Librarybase, a Wikibase instance I set up for exactly this kind of thing:

Hey @Harej, @Tarrow, @Halfak whats the status on this? Is there a direction and/or progress? Can I help with anything?

I see this as blocked on an initial import to LibraryBase. @Harej, what's the most apt. card for that?

Very exciting! Keep up the good work!

For presentation, it is worth looking at how they are done for "WikiProject libraries":