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Port CopyPatrol to es.wikibooks
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I've asked at our Café about this. Unfortunately just @Syum90 and myself are really active there so I'd not expect further replies. We'd like, however, CopyPatrol avalaible for es.wikibooks if at all possible. Thank you.

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The way CopyPatrol currently works on Wikipedia(s) is:

  1. It grabs the text added during an edit.
  2. Passes the text to Ithenticate to check for plagiarism.
  3. Makes it show up on the interface if it is indicated as plagiarized.

If I understand correctly, Wikibooks works very much like Wikipedia with anyone adding content to the books. Does that sound right?
Is the copyright policy on Wikibooks same as on Wikipedia? Any other concerns you can think of?

@Niharika Hi again. Yes, your assumptions are right. Wikibooks however structures its Books in subpages. Hope that CopyPatrol does support that. Wikibooks copyright policy is that of the Wikimedia Terms of Use, so yes, the same as Wikipedia. The Spanish Wikibooks does have a low edit traffic, so I don't think we'd have overload issues for the tool, etc.

We'd like to know, however, if it'd be possible to check also past pages and recent edits as well. The project suffered from a big abandonement years ago, and we're finding old walls of text of dubidous copyright status. If CopyPatrol does just work with recent edits, we're certainly okay with that too, at least we'd have a way to stop that behaviour.

Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns and I'll try to address them. Thanks.

We'd like to have this someday indeed, but given that it only checks new edits and the fact that the level of edits is tremendously low, I don't think the feature would work on es.wikibooks. Therefore I'm closing this task as declined (self-close) to avoid this task distracting the attention of the team from other wikis.