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Output data for new XTools: Articleinfo
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This ticket is for compiling the data that will be output at XTools: Articleinfo (see T157602). This ticket should be considered done when there is a way to view the data over the web. The output should be super basic though, just var_dumps or simple tables, no real views or nice UI.

Compare the data against the old interface ( to see if it lines up, but bear in mind there are known bugs with the old version. Testing is probably best done on smaller pages so that you can manually check for accuracy.

Known bugs with Articleinfo can be found in the GitHub issues and on the Phabricator board.

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The code I worked on included a LOT of stuff outside articleinfo, so I kept merging into master so it can be used elsewhere and also to avoid edit conflicts. Hence I have no PR, but you can comment on this commit which touches all relevant files to articleinfo:

Test version up and running at

Looks good except that the Bugs and Assessments sections are missing. The bugs should be pulled from and the assessments can be pulled from the PageAssessments API or directly from the page_assessments table.

I think all the data is there now, check out (this one has checkwiki errors at the time of writing)

You may see that the "Added (bytes)" differs from the legacy articleinfo. In the new version, we don't count any reverted edits.