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Request creation of wm-bot labs project
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Project Name: wm-bot
Purpose: Hosting for wm-bot which is currently living on couple of separate instances across various projects, especially old "bots" project that can be deleted after migration
Wikitech Username of requestor: Petrb

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Petrb renamed this task from Request creation of <Replace Me> labs project to Request creation of wm-bot labs project.Feb 11 2017, 6:07 PM
Andrew claimed this task.
Andrew added a subscriber: Andrew.

This is done. @Petrb, you are a projectadmin in the project, and can add other users or projectadmins as you see fit.

Note that you are the first new project to make use of some of my new security group code. So, if you find yourself running into impossible-seeming firewall issues with your instances, please notify (and blame) me immediately.