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This tracking task is the 'parent task' for new Labs project requests.

Before you request a project

  1. Confirm you cannot run your code/bot/thing on Tool Labs. You can request access to toollabs using a form on wikitech. With Tool Labs, the underlying infrastructure will be taken care of for you, and you can focus on writing your tool / bot / researchy-thing.
  1. Only request a labs project if you need root on the VM for a specific purpose (or need testing VMs for MediaWiki changes, etc). Remember that if you have root you have responsibilities too! :)
  1. Accept responsibility for the VMs that are created. Puppet needs to be kept in working order to be compatible with the rest of the Labs ecosystem. Updates will need to be applied periodically.

Requesting a new project

To request a new project, create a subtask, with the following information:

Project Name: <projectname>

Purpose: <reason for project request>

Wikitech username of requestor: <username>

Brief description:

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled:

(ASAP is a fine response but keep in mind resources are finite, and we may ask you to wait depending on availability and the size of the request.)


Requests are processed by the Cloud Services team during the Cloud Services team meeting every Tuesday (8:20 AM PST) that the meeting is held. This schedule may be effected by holidays, conferences, or other unavailability. Requests can be granted when approved by a quorum of at least two WMCS team members.

Note that <projectname> should be alphanumeric with dashes - no spaces or special characters other than - (hyphen).
Make sure to remove the Tracking project from the subtask!

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