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Fair use image used as icon on "top read" explore-feed cards
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The icon for Elimination Chamber (2017) shows the fair use image File:Elimination Chamber 2017.jpg, but when searching for this article, the freely licensed image File:Naomi at WrestleMania Axxess in April 2014.jpg is shown in search results instead of the fair use one.

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I beleive these are provided by the MCS feed endpoint, so we may need to upstream this requirement.

Okay, after some technical discussion this turns out to be a bit of work because the image caches for article views and the cards in the feed are shared. This means if we ask for only free images in the feed, when the user loads the article the fair-use image is loaded (if there is one) and is then cached for use elsewhere in the app (history, search, explore, etc).

I think the next step would be to more clearly define, based on existing policy which places non-free images are allowed and in which languages. We can then work on implementing app image cache logic which enforces this policy where required but doesn't cause users lots of additional image loading bandwidth.

@Jose05a would you be willing to help me define clear app image usage guidelines?

Here's what I understand (forgive my ignorance if I missed something):

  • Fair use images are allowed in articles and search results.
  • Fair use images are not allowed in other contexts depending on that wiki's policies around fair use.

From my understanding, the app does not need any Exemption Doctrine Policy (EDP) per the BoT Resolution:Licensing policy, since it is only used to display articles of other pjojects, a defined therein. That would however mean that the app would have to follow the same EDP that the specific project(s) have "dictated" (each their own). English WIkipedia does not mention the usage of search results or apps usage of these images in their Non-free policy (EDP), since it would not be where the images would be used (intentionally). They do however have a few exceptions to where their policy about usage in galleries, which I would like to stipulate this to be. ( Where it tates that:

Certain non-article pages are exempt from the non-free content policy. These uses are necessary for creating or managing the encyclopedia, e.g., special pages and categories that are used to review questionable non-free content uses. [..] Fair use rationales are not required for such pages. Article images may appear in article preview popups.

When I started writing this task, I wanted to not include fair use images in neither search nor the feed, but from reading this, it seems that EnWP does exempt the usage in "preview popups" which I would stipulate that every card on the feed is, and that search results are as well, only not popup.

To be clear, I'd like to see the enwp policy amended to include search reults generated by "new seach functions" (such as the search on the portal, or app). The quote above is only applicable for enwp however, since every project makes their own policies. I'd much ratheer that the BoT made a specific exemption to the licensing policy to allow fair use image in circumstance such as this with the app and other "cross-wiki" projects, or allow cross-wiki projects to form their own Exemption Doctrine Policy, and thereby not have to follow each and every projects different fair use policy. That would however possibly lead to fair use images being shown on search results and feed cards for articles with non fair use images/policy.

I'd suggest currently to dissallow fair use imagery everywhere except for in articles, since the usage in search reults are still wiki/project specific, and would therefore fall within that projects EDP, and since all projects have different rules, it would be hard to maintain each and all those.

(I haven't read or followed this, but I found this link now. WIll read it later to see other inputs

Hmmm... its unfortunate that the choices seem to be "maintain a complex project specific rule set" or "don't let anyone see non-free images, because thats the common denominator". For example most of our users in the US using enWP (and for that matter editors) are going to be excluded from information/images/useability despite that being no ones explicit intention (its seems, sorry if thats a misread).

That said, I will add this change to our next version (as I said above its actually a bit more risky/complex than it seems) with your suggestion as the acceptance criteria (ie. use fair use only in articles for all languages), with the hope that we can figure out how to clarify this in some workable way or "cross project" systems such as ours.

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Testing repro steps:

  1. Search for "Elimination Chamber"
  2. Verify the thumbnail shown in the search results view is the freely licensed image, not the fair use one

Also, generally verify articles in the feed are using freely licensed thumbnails

Tested on an iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3 and an iPad Mini 2 Retina with iOS 10.2 both running App 5,4,1,1099

Performed a bunch os searches and it appeared that the fair use images were populating the search results. However, I could not test the Elimination Chamber (2017) case. I see only placeholder images for the Elimination Chamber results. even though there are fair use images for those articles. I tried Mission Impossible as another example and got similar results. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation has a fair use image.

image1.PNG (2×1 px, 383 KB)

image1 (1).PNG (2×1 px, 444 KB)

Testing on Wikipedia version 5.4.1 (1102) for devices iPhone 5s (iOS 10.3.1)

iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.1 (Search Results View).PNG (1×640 px, 128 KB)
iPhone 5s iOS 10.3.1 (Lead image - Fair use image).PNG (1×640 px, 740 KB)

iPhone 6s (iOS 10.2)
iPhone 6s iOS 10.2 (Search Results View).PNG (1×750 px, 155 KB)
iPhone 6s iOS 10.2 (Lead image - Fair use image).PNG (1×750 px, 849 KB)

and iPhone 7 (iOS 10.2.1)
iPhone 7 iOS 10.2.1 (Search Results View).PNG (1×750 px, 316 KB)
iPhone 7 iOS 10.2.1 (Lead image - Fair use image).PNG (1×750 px, 938 KB)

The lead images correctly use fair use images, but the search results have no image at all which isn't what the expected results are, so this may still need work.

The feed doesn't source images from any of the endpoints that were updated with the work for this ticket. The feed is still showing non-free images. This is blocked pending updates to the feed API.

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