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Improve `webservice status` output
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tools.wikitext-deprecation@tools-bastion-02:~$ webservice status
Your webservice is running

It would be helpful to indicate which webservice thing this is running under (grid/lighttpd, k8s, etc.).

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scfc triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 16 2017, 1:11 PM
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@bd808 @Andrew Can you tell me how the output should look like? For example -

 toolsbeta.admin@toolsbeta-bastion-01:~$ webservice status
Your webservice is running 
type of webservice - lighttpd

@Nehajha Something like that would be just fine. I might suggest that you keep the output limited to one line so it's a bit easier for automatic jobs to parse or grep. Maybe just 'Your webservice of type xxx is running.'

Would it make sense to the backend (gridengine/kubernetes) as well?

(venv)tools.video2commons-test@tools-bastion-02:~$ webservice status
Your webservice of type python2 is running

Thanks :)

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