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[ia-upload] Don't allow conversion from JP2 if there isn't a
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Like this one (has DjVu and PDF, but no JP2):

This is recorded in the logs as LOG.CRITICAL: Zip file not found.

We should check for the existence of the zip file before allowing people to save the job to the queue. Or, better: we could look for other images such as and extract accordingly.

This probably only affects older IA items, because I think the modern system is to create a standard JP2 zip for everything.

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The error message pops out too in cases where file exists, but its prefix is different from IA ID.

Can the log message error be edited, and forced to tell precisely what is not found, t.i. printing the full name of searched file?


Yes, definitely can throw a better error, good idea.

Do you have an example of one where it's failing but does have a

The large majority of them have a I found only one item (an old IA upload) that fails because there's a and a is lacking - I presume that in that case the problem could be solved by IA uploader/IA sysop simply deleting file into the item and deriving the item again.

Here the first IA item with LOG.CRITICAL: Zip file not found having a file: 026BarettiLaSceltaDelleLettereFamiliariSi032

As you can see from IA file list, IA ID is


while prefix is


Merged and tested.