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Commons App discussion: Current state and future plans
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A discussion about the current state of the Android Commons App and the next development goals. The current state will be shown in a short demo at the beginning. Some future plans will be presented. Rest of the 1 hour session will be dedicated to an open discussion.

Some discussion points (please add any that I missed):

  • Nearby missing pictures functionality and the services that provide the data
    • Use for more real time missing image data
  • Gamification
  • Map for nearby results
  • Discouraing vandalism, educating users, promoting high quality and relevant uploads
  • ...

Task goals:

  • A clean writeup of the discussion and the etherpad will be published somewhere for other developers to read.

Event Timeline

Just noting that, instead of Phabricator tasks, specific bugs and enhancement ideas of the app have their own "issues" on GitHub If anyone is looking for ideas not mentioned above, I recommend checking these out.

Hello! Just letting you know that you can schedule this session now for the hackathon. Instructions and scheduling can be done here:

@Tobias1984: Did this happen? Any specific outcomes which should be tickets in GitHub or Phab or somewhere else? Can this task be closed as resolved?

No reply. Closing.