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Commons Android app - potential projects
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A few of us are planning to work on some improvements to the Commons Android app during the hackathon and the pre-hackathon that is being held in Prague. A rough list is shown below, but more details can be found on our GitHub issues page under the #prehackathon/hackathon label.

  • Display the "Nearby places that need pictures" results on a map in addition to the current list-based format
  • Make overlay menu in the map display Nearby item details correctly
  • Switch to a Wikidata query for Nearby results
  • Improve UI
  • Enable two factor authentication for login

Additionally, we plan on having a few short sessions:

  • Discussion with Wikipedia Android app devs to share knowledge and discuss how to reduce technical debt and resolve other stalled issues (e.g. memory leaks)
  • Recruiting and onboarding new contributors to the Commons app, especially those who are signing up as mentees for the hackathon
  • Commons App discussion: Current state and future plans

We are currently discussing this on GitHub. Please feel free to join the discussion, and also to join us during the hackathon. :)

Event Timeline

Just noting that, instead of Phabricator tasks, specific bugs and enhancement ideas of the app have their own "issues" on the said GitHub project: If anyone is looking for ideas not mentioned above, I recommend checking these out.

I am resolving this Hackathon 2017 task, as its subtasks are all tracked in the task tracker of the Commons Android App on Github.