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Investigate Child Protection Takedown Form for requested updates
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The Support and Safety team requests some improvements to some self-written tools to help them complete important tasks as part of their workflows. This ticket will be an investigation into the Child Protection Takedown Form, while T159898 covers the DMCA Takedown Form.

The tools are currently found at will be able to provide login credentials to pertinent developers on request for investigation and/or development. Existing code is here:

What the tool does:

This tools is found either from the main page or left rail of the Trust and Safety tools wiki as "Child Protection Takedown Form." This is a form to fill out with information about the Child Protection (pornography) takedown. It uses the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children API to submit image and user data as required by US law.

It also creates a log entry and Sugar case, including Image Hash and report ID along with report metadata.

There's a Special page: NCMEC retraction tool. This retracts a specific report to NCMEC, and only works if the report wasn't completed, such as a failure in one of the steps of the multi step API submission for NCMEC. There's no "auto-rollback" feature built in at the moment.

Current screenshots

CPTakedown1.png (1×2 px, 536 KB)

CPTakedown2.png (1×2 px, 282 KB)

Requested changes:

  • This tool currently uses Sugar; we want to switch to Salesforce. The exact same data should be stored.
  • Currently, we have to do one image at a time; this needs multi-file support.

Open questions:

  • Will these requested changes require a complete rewrite, or small-scale fixes?
  • Where should these tools live — on the existing private server, or ToolLabs?


  • Written answers to open questions in this ticket
  • Written proposal for how to implement requested changes to the two tools
  • Documented knowledge learned to help with further development of this project
  • Any needed additional cards created

In an CommTech estimation meeting on March 7, 2017 this card was sized as a '5'.

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I will split this ticket into the two tools. Both are sized as a '5'

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This was basically merged back into T159898. See the description there for the results.

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