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Port existing `differential-docker-test` job to Jenkinsfile/Groovy
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We've talked about experimenting with the Jenkins Pipeline DSL for driving the new release pipeline. Let's find out if it's viable by attempting to port the existing differential-docker-test job to use it. If successful, it may prove a good starting point for the rest of the Build PoC.

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Looks like there's a Docker Pipeline plugin that might provide what we need for this.

I played with this a bit today, needs some more refinement but the Dockerfile plugin made it pretty easy. The docker pipeline plugin also supports pushing to private registries which we could add as a stage in the pipeline.

Here's what I got working:

node {
    def jobName = "${JOB_NAME}:${BUILD_ID}".toLowerCase()
    def jobImg

    stage('Setup') {
        git url: ''
        if (! fileExists('')) {
            error('No found in repo root!')

    stage('Build') {
        jobImg ="${jobName}", '-f .')

    stage('Test') {
        sh "docker run --rm -t ${jobName}"


The default uses docker run -d so you don't see the shell output. I suppose this mostly leaves the phab wrangling to replace differential-docker-test.

You can see the job in action here:

thcipriani claimed this task. does the same thing as the differential-docker-test job.

There is probably no need to port this work over to production jenkins, but it was a good initial PoC for learning Jenkinsfile format and Docker pipeline formatting.