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test-requirements.txt in ci-config still points to precise deb
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The last line probably shouldn't point to precise-wikimedia.

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Change 346360 had a related patch set (by Paladox) published:
[integration/config@master] Update test-requirement to use jessie rather then precise

Change 346360 abandoned by Hashar:
Update test-requirement to use jessie rather then precise

There is no such branch patch-queue/debian/jessie-wikimedia

The integration/zuul.git repository is a mess right now and the Debian packaging needs documentation T140912 In short:

upstreamWhatever version we want from upstream
patch-queue/debian/precise-wikimedia fork of upstream + cherry picks
debian/precise-wikimediaHas debian/ and the patches from patch-queue/debian/precise-wikimedia exported via gbp export
debian/jessie-wikimediaMerge of debian/precise-wikimedia + patches to adjust for Jessie

The trusty branches are out of date / abandoned.

So lot of clean up has to be done, namely:

  • promote jessie as the reference and redo the patches + cleanup the debian/jessie-wikimedia
  • archive *precise* branches
  • probably phase out trusty and use pip to install Zuul on the instances

I think we can remove trusty branches too as we doint use trusty any more in CI.

Probaly also want to support stretch at some point.

I think I did it correctly.

IE, do the zuul upgrade first then do this task.

Stashbot added a subscriber: Stashbot.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2018-01-09T14:53:54Z] <hashar> Change integration/zuul.git HEAD from 'master' to 'patch-queue/debian/jessie-wikimedia' | T158243 T162191

In Gerrit I have changed HEAD to point to patch-queue/debian/jessie-wikimedia which is the upstream version + our cherry picks.,branches

So potentially we can then:

- git+
+ git+

But maybe it is better to explicitly list the branch we use?

Change 403167 had a related patch set uploaded (by Paladox; owner: Paladox):
[integration/config@master] Switch from precise to jessie in test-requirements.txt

Change 403167 merged by jenkins-bot:
[integration/config@master] Switch from precise to jessie in test-requirements.txt

Paladox claimed this task.

The change was merged :)