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Use standardised ajax loader and refresh icon in ConfirmEdit
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The fancycaptcha-reload-loading class adds an ajax spinner and .fancycaptcha-reload class to add a reload icon.
The icon is inconsistent with the mobile Minerva skin.

Can these use OOjs UI icons instead or at the very least make use of some standard mediawiki UI icon?

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What images do you propose? (Sorry, probably I just haven't seen refresh images in OOJs UI?)

I could also imagine, that an intermediate progressbar could be used for a refresh indication, instead of a loading circle?

In VE/NWE we use dialog pending state rather than a rotating/whatever icon, for consistency (and don't load fancycaptcha-reload-loading at all). Once we switch mobile front-end over to this it'll be solved, but ahead of that we could migrate that code to do an indeterminate progress bar if it's urgent.

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We've recently added the 'reload' icon to OOjs UI (see ) for a different purpose, which might be used here.

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