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Review map eventlogging
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Based on T144239 and,




  • 1:100 (1%) of users in the test group.
  • 99% of users are not being tested.

Amongst this test group, the second phase triggers these events:
( events currently logged in production)

typeper-event samplingdescriptionoptional durationoptional extra
view1:100user views this feature without explicit interaction to startnoroute(string)
open1:1user opens this featurenoroute(string)
hashopen1:1user was lead to a URL with map hash, resulting in a fullscreen map being displayednoroute(string)
close1:1end of feature usageyesroute(string)
sidebar-show1:1show sidebar in full screennoroute(string)
sidebar-hide1:1hide sidebar in full screennoroute(string)
sidebar-click1:1click on one of the ext service in the infoboxnoroute(string), service(string), type(string)
sidebar-type1:1switch shown infobox types to a different onenoroute(string), type(string)
drag1:100user dragged the map aroundnoroute(string)
zoom1:100user changed zoomnoroute(string)
marker-click1:1user clicked/tapped on a marker on mapnoroute(string)
map-click1:100user clicked/tapped on mapnoroute(string)
discovery1:1user goes to another page thanks to this featurenoroute(string), destination (enum: internal/interwiki/external)
activate1:1for mapframe's static snapshot, user clicked to interact with the mapnoroute(string)
wv-warn1:1external data viewing warning is shownnoroute(string)
wv-warn-agree1:1external data viewing was acceptednoroute(string)
wv-warn-reject1:1external data viewing was rejectednoroute(string)
wv-select-wmflayer1:1switched to wmflayernoroute(string)
wv-select-exlayer1:1switched to non-wmf layer (after warning)noroute(string)
wv-show-layer1:1a wmf layer was enablednoroute(string)
wv-hide-layer1:1a wmf layer was hiddennoroute(string)
wv-show-exlayer1:1an external layer was enablednoroute(string)
wv-hide-exlayer1:1an external layer was hiddennoroute(string)
wv-show-nearby1:1nearby markers button was pushed (enabled)noroute(string)
wv-hide-nearby1:1nearby markers button was pushed (disabled)"noroute(string)

Events still not triggered yet:

  • shape-click: user clicked/tapped on a geoshape overlay



Event Timeline

debt triaged this task as Low priority.
debt moved this task from Needs triage to Later on the Discovery-Analysis board.
debt subscribed.

Moving to later to review the eventlogging that was setup earlier in 2017 for maps.

HI @mpopov and @chelsyx - can you see if there is a purging strategy that can applied for the 90 day rule.

HI @mpopov and @chelsyx - can you see if there is a purging strategy that can applied for the 90 day rule.

Done, thanks for the heads-up and patience.

debt claimed this task.

The work that we set out to do has been done and since we don't have any engineering resources to do more event logging, closing this ticket. We can always open another one in the future.