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Implement third phase of map event logging
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Based on T144239 and,

See T149140 (first phase).

See T149834 (second phase)

Same as in the first and second phases, the third phase puts:

  • 1:100 (1%) of users in the test group.
  • 99% of users are not being tested.

Amongst this test group, the second phase triggers these events:
( events previously triggered, events added in this phase)

typeper-event samplingdescriptionoptional durationoptional extra
view1:100user views this feature without explicit interaction to startnoroute(string)
open1:1user opens this featurenoroute(string)
hashopen1:1user was lead to a URL with map hash, resulting in a fullscreen map being displayednoroute(string)
close1:1end of feature usageyesroute(string)
sidebar-show1:1show sidebar in full screennoroute(string)
sidebar-hide1:1hide sidebar in full screennoroute(string)
sidebar-click1:1click on one of the ext service in the infoboxnoroute(string), service(string), type(string)
sidebar-type1:1switch shown infobox types to a different onenoroute(string), type(string)
drag1:100user dragged the map aroundnoroute(string)
zoom1:100user changed zoomnoroute(string)
marker-click1:1user clicked/tapped on a marker on mapnoroute(string)
map-click1:100user clicked/tapped on mapnoroute(string)
discovery1:1user goes to another page thanks to this featurenoroute(string), destination (enum: internal/interwiki/external)
activate1:1for mapframe's static snapshot, user clicked to interact with the mapnoroute(string)
wv-warn1:1external data viewing warning is shownnoroute(string)
wv-warn-agree1:1external data viewing was acceptednoroute(string)
wv-warn-reject1:1external data viewing was rejectednoroute(string)
wv-select-wmflayer1:1switched to wmflayernoroute(string)
wv-select-exlayer1:1switched to non-wmf layer (after warning)noroute(string)
wv-show-layer1:1a wmf layer was enablednoroute(string)
wv-hide-layer1:1a wmf layer was hiddennoroute(string)
wv-show-exlayer1:1an external layer was enablednoroute(string)
wv-hide-exlayer1:1an external layer was hiddennoroute(string)
wv-show-nearby1:1nearby markers button was pushed (enabled)noroute(string)
wv-hide-nearby1:1nearby markers button was pushed (disabled)"noroute(string)

Events who still not triggered yet:

  • shape-click: user clicked/tapped on a geoshape overlay

Event Timeline

Change 324843 had a related patch set uploaded (by JGirault):
Implement third phase of event logging (Wikivoyage specific)

Change 324843 merged by jenkins-bot:
Implement third phase of event logging (Wikivoyage specific)

Change 327409 had a related patch set uploaded (by Yurik):
Implement third phase of event logging (Wikivoyage specific)

Change 327409 merged by jenkins-bot:
Implement third phase of event logging (Wikivoyage specific)