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Add option to include redirect views in pageviews
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AFAIK, currently redirect views aren't included in none of Pageview tools (except redirectviews, of course :) ). Could we have a option to get them? Just like Community tech bot does that for enwiki Wikiproject popular pages.

Then (if this is included) it would be cool to get data for each redirect in JSON file.

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This was declined with T128495 but times have changed, and the API is much faster now. Even so, querying for redirects could slow things down dramatically depending on how many pages you're querying for and how many redirects those pages have. I don't want to make it a default-on option for this reason, even for the main Pageviews app, but at this point a default-off option should be doable.

See also T121912, which is on the Analytics board for Q1 (July-September 2017). I will look into implementing a clientside solution, but if it is too challenging (or ends up being too slow), it may be worth the wait for the fix in the API.

MusikAnimal moved this task from In Development to Done on the Tool-Pageviews board.

Finally done! That only took 3 years :)