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Better redirect handling for pageview API
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The existence of redirects can cause some confusion over the data when it comes to page views, since it appears that the view only gets counted for the page title of the redirect, even though, in practice, a redirect means that a visitor *views* the target page. There are valid reasons in MediaWiki for the redirect page and the target page to be treated separately, but for many metrics-related use cases, you probably actually want to know the aggregate counts for the page you are querying as well as all redirects to it—or at least have the option to include them with a togglable parameter.

  • I have a list of articles compiled from some source, like a category, contributions list, or WhatLinksHere. One of the articles in this list was recently renamed, so even though I have the current name from the source list, most of its views are counted under the former page name, which is just a redirect I don't know about. In this case, if the current name didn't exist at all within the period I am querying, even though it's a longstanding article that did exist under a previous name, my query gives me an unhelpful 404.
  • I am querying for pageviews because I want to measure the popularity of a particular article, in order to compare it to others. My data won't be as accurate as intended when some articles in the set have very canonical names ("Canada," "Mexico"), while others may be known by several common names redirecting to one article title ("USA" and "United States of America" redirect to "United States"). Sometimes, for Manual of Style reasons, Wikipedia even chooses lesser-used but more correct names for titles. In this case, I would have wanted the option to include all redirects' page views as well, since including "USA" and "United States of America" page views gives me a better sense of the total viewership of "United States" compared to other articles.

In fact, for analytics, it probably makes most sense for redirects to be included by default—with the option, of course, to exclude them if you legitimately want to know the page views of a page without redirects, but that seems rarer. Especially since page moves in an article's history can really mess with your data in unexpected ways.

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I think we can look at this more closely after we get a handle on redirects as part of the wikistats 2.0 data pipeline. Redirects are complicated on mediawiki.

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Hm, @bd808 do you think it would actually be useful to address issues like that one by one or just wait for a better way to group pages with all their redirects? (as in, parsing wikitext historically and building the redirect graph)

Hm, @bd808 do you think it would actually be useful to address issues like that one by one or just wait for a better way to group pages with all their redirects? (as in, parsing wikitext historically and building the redirect graph)

That's a good question. I guess I'll start with a clarifying question: is the idea of having a full redirect graph that accounts for #REDIRECT foo redirects as well as special pages like Special:MyLanguage something that is likely to be fully implemented in the near term (say the Foundation's 2018/19 fiscal year) or is it a long term roadmap project with no planned implementation date? I think my answer would be very much colored by this.

I have a hunch that the full redirect solution will be slow in coming precisely because of your previous "Redirects are complicated on mediawiki." comment and what I know about that topic. If there is some low hanging fruit like Special:MyLanguage prefix and language suffix stripping that can be applied in the processing chain that gets us more useful data (in my opinion) that is currently very difficult to compute otherwise.

The ability to auto-include redirects is a commonly requested feature (T163621, T200256, for example). I built Redirect Views for this purpose, but currently you can only look up one page at a time. Tools like Massviews process thousands of pages. For this we'd need pageviews for the target page + redirects to be precomputed and provided by the API, as doing it programatically would be much too slow and inefficient.

There are some people do want to see pageviews not including redirects (participants of move discussions, etc.), but this seems to be a minority.

I think the full redirect graph accounting for all redirects becomes possible after we ingest and process wikitext content. It's feasible for the 2018/2019 year, and it's something a bunch of us want to get done, but it won't get done unless we're making good progress on our other goals. That's why I hesitate to take care of this special case, lest it lead me down a rabbit hole and delay the more general fix even more.

Could this be re-prioritized? As I understand it, we are now processing wikitext so including the pageviews of redirects should be possible. I keep getting questions about pageviews of all COVID-related articles, which you can get by plugging the category into Massviews, but it doesn't include redirects for performance reasons.

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We have to re-groom sometimes soon, there are too many high priority things, but this certainly deserves consideration. By the way, our infrastructure and code is very friendly to newcomers, anyone who wants to make progress on this is welcome to come work with us. I'm thinking of something very similar to how CPT does clinic duty, and I'd be happy to run it as an experiment on projects like this.

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