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Disable Content Translation Tool for non-extenedconfirmed users on English Wikipedia
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Due to the abuse filter created by the English Wikipedia community, the experience for new users trying to use the Content Translation Tool is now:

  1. Write a translation
  2. Submit it for publication
  3. Solve a CAPTCHA
  4. Get the following error screen which tells them to try to publish again:

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 11.27.11 AM.png (951×1 px, 371 KB)

  1. Solve another CAPTCHA
  2. Get the same error screen
  3. Repeat

This is a very broken user experience. Until we can convince the English Wikipedia community to extend this feature to more users, we should just disable it for those users so that they aren't going through such a terrible user experience and wasting their effort. (So far, over 5000 users have written translations only to be hit with this abuse filter when trying to publish.)

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I think we should implement both T114621 and this ticket separately. In the case of this issue, we shouldn't even allow new editors to access the Content Translation Tool, as there is no way for them to meet the requirements of the abuse filter.

Even if this change is easy to make, I prefer to invest time in fixing the issues that caused people to want the Abuse Filter than in perpetuating it.

First step would be T165562.

@kaldari it seems to me that users can always publish to one of their subpage, then move page to the main, no ?

Pginer-WMF added a subscriber: Pginer-WMF.

For version 2, we plan to communicate this better (T192144). Currently the destination selector allows a path forward by publishing under the user namespace. If as part of the work on version 2, we can make some improvement to version 1 (make user namespace the default if we detect you cannot publish to main namespace) we'll consider it, but our main focus is on version 2 to make it replace version 1 as soon as possible.