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Migrate Team Practices Group's Google Docs to new team drive
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Per proposal:

Get a new account and a new drive. Put the content of our current TPG drive in a folder and share it with the new account.

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Curious why we need a new account to do this. I thought the purpose of a Team Drive was to allow shared ownership.

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@Awjrichards I was cleaning up this Phab board, and tried to move these documents to the Team Drive archive, but I was not allowed to as you are the owner. Would you be kind enough to attempt to migrate the Team Practices Group folder from your drive to the "Team Practices Group [Archive]" folder on Google Drive? I think you can, but if not please let me know and I can pursue that with OIT. :)


@MBinder_WMF I just tried to take care of this but failed - unfortunately it is not possible to move a folder into a team drive. When I try to do so, I get an error saying "Folders can't be moved into team drives yet".

@Awjrichards OK, that's fine. If you want to make me the owner of the folder, I can follow up with OIT. Alternatively, you can grant Brendan access (send techsupport a request first) and he can move it as an admin. I'm happy with either. :)

Cool Max thanks - I've made you the owner of the folder. Godspeed!

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Migrated with OIT's help. Some unknown funny business occurred, and it's not clear if everything made it, though it seems so. OIT will escalate with Google, and I will consider this resolved for now.