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Wiki search (all NS) not displaying correct results
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Yesterday I noticed that using the "Wiki search (text) (all NS)" option, AWB doesn't show results from any namespace different from the main one, instead it only returns a few results from ns0. I asked to other users if the experience the same problem and they also do, confirming me that it should be some kind of bug, not related to specific settings. You can easily reproduce the issue by first using the "Wiki search (text)" option with a string like "insource:/lipschitz/": on you get 31 pages in ns0, and that's fine. However, if you change to "Wiki search (text) (all NS)", no result is returned, while the in-wiki search shows 43 results from all the namespaces. As I said above, I believe it's a bug, and I'm asking therefore if my supposition is right and if it can be fixed in some way. Thanks.