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Huggle Revert and Warn Shortcuts Wrong in Mac
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On Mac in Huggle Preferences under "Shortcuts", for "main-revert-and-warn-##", the number (or N th item) is not corresponding to the correct warning. As tested today, I assigned shortcuts for "Removal of Content" and "Blanking of Page" (6 and 7) and I ended up generating warnings to users for NPOV and Reliable Sources. Huggle Version: 3.2.0 build: 3100 3.1.22-162-ga039da3

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Hello, this seems to be a beta version, does it happen with stable version as well?

Petrb triaged this task as High priority.Jul 10 2017, 5:40 PM

Yes, this was also happening on the stable version.

I can't reproduce this on other OS, so it's probably Mac related, sadly I don't have a Mac to debug this on :/

Using the dropdown menu works? Just shortcuts are wrong?

Dropdown menus seem to work fine, it just appears to be the shortcuts that are not working.

Update on this issue @Petrb - As of Huggle 3.3.0 on macOS Sierra, the shortcuts preferences no longer appear allow shortcuts to even be set (entering any command in results in no change in the preferences panel when trying to set a shortcut)

This issue remains in Huggle 3.3.4.

Works to me in 3.4.0 built with Qt 5.11

But I don't see shortcuts in menu like you say, however they work

Keep in mind they are numbered from 0, so 3th item is item 2.

You can try here and reopen if you still have troubles

Petrb claimed this task.

Tested with the build provided above; same issues remain unresolved.

Are you indexing the items from 0? First item in list is actually item with id 0, that's actually by design

Are you indexing the items from 0? First item in list is actually item with id 0, that's actually by design

Yes. Indexing from 0. At this point the keyboard shortcuts don't even set properly though (In preferences, when I try to add or change a shortcut, nothing happens in the box - if I type the shortcut (Ctrl+X as an example) and save, CTRL+X does nothing.

Confirmed on 3.4.1 as remaining an issue.

Confirmed on 3.4.2 as remaining an issue.

Petrb lowered the priority of this task from High to Low.Jun 10 2018, 7:29 PM

lowering priority as this seems to affect only some people (so far only Dane can reproduce this).

Petrb removed Petrb as the assignee of this task.Mar 27 2020, 7:26 PM

I haven't come across the original issue either (I haven't specifically tried to reproduce it, but I do use custom shortcuts). I do know that certain shortcuts like Shift+D don't work at all because they're hardcoded (see T213008), but for the most part they've worked fine for me. (Big Sur, Huggle version: 3.4.10, build: 3880 3.4.10)

I also know that typing in the actual shortcut in my preferences doesn't work—I have to type out the literal string Shift+X instead of the key combination in order for it to save properly.

Additionally it doesn't seem possible to assign menu item 21 ("Vandalism") to a key shortcut. You can use Q to revert-and-warn, but the edit summary will then be default-summary instead of 02100_warning. This means for actual non-constructive edits that should be reverted with an edit summary stating as much, you have to manually click into the revert-and-warn menu.
(Enwiki has 02100_warning: "Reverted [...]: nonconstructive edits" versus default-summary: "Reverted [...] to last revision by $2", which I believe is what is used for Q.)