Global feedback according to score in Quiz
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A global feedback concerning the score of a user at the end or at the beginning of the corrected page could be added as a feature.

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One approach might be to add some predefined messages can be added to i18n/en.json such as "Perfect Score", "All answers are incorrect" etc and these can be shown based on percentage.

Mvolz added a comment.Jun 8 2017, 8:43 AM

I think this would be the wrong approach. i18n are for system messages.

Presumably people would want to write their own messages. I think this
would involve extending the Quiz format again.

Harjotsingh added a comment.EditedJun 8 2017, 10:01 AM

Community feedback would be needed to discuss if this feature is desired or not.

It can be added after <quiz> tag and before questions.

<quiz >
~~ Feedback message %20   // If score is below 20 percentage
~~ Feedback message %40   // If score is below 40 but above 20
~~ Feedback message %60   // If score is below 60 but above 40
~~ Feedback message %100 // If score is below 100 but above 60

+ The correct answer.
- Distractor.


The user can give messages and also decide the range defined after %.

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