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Create an Echo notification to inform user of the outcome of his rename request
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As I can see, there is no integration between Echo and CentralAuth.
We can notify users that the rename was accepted, declined, and the progress if it's accepted.
Currently the extension send an email to inform the user, we probably can use Echo for that (and force the email type, replacing web notifications)

Notification Request Form

Filling out this form will help developers and product people understand your idea and will provide the information required to implement it. To see examples of the types of answers required, have a look at this sample form. To understand unfamiliar terms, visit the glossary. 

Basic information

  - Purpose of the notification:  
  - Notification name:  
  - What triggers notification?: 
  - "Notice" or "Alert"?:  
  - Notification type (standard, bundled, expandable bundle):  


For a single message

  • Header: 
  • Body:  

For Bundled Messages

  • Main, bundling message:
  • Subsidiary, bundled message:


  - Primary link target:
  - Primary link label (for email display only):

  - #1 secondary link target: 
  - #1 secondary link label:

  - #2 secondary link target:
  - #2 secondary link label:


  - Icon name:  
  - Link to graphic/example: 

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I just pasted the Notification Request Form into the Description. This has been designed to help you assemble in advance all the information you're going to find yourself needing, so you don't have to reinvent the Notifications wheel as you go along. It also makes it possible for people like me to review the plan and ensure that it conforms with proper Notification style.

There's a link in the instructions to a sample form that's filled out, in case you don't know how to answer some of the questions. And to a glossary of terms.

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