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Bogus "not a valid project" errors
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Every time I try to look up my editing statistics on French Wikipedia, it tells me that " is not a valid project". See screenshot:

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This is while not logged in via OAuth.

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Works for me. Queries need to be optimized but that's outside of the scope of this task.

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Still broken for me. Steps to reproduce:

If I try "" it works fine, but any other wiki, like or causes it to give me the error consistently.

When it submits the form, it sends a request to, which returns a 500 Internet Server error (often after waiting a long time).

Ahhhh, you were testing on the new "live" instance. I was testing on the "dev" instance, which succeeded.

I wonder what the difference is between the instances. @Samwilson you set up the OOP code correct? Do you have any thoughts here?

I think it works now (I fixed a bug in prod deployment relating to permissions on the var directory, and usage of Redis).

@Samwilson: If there are some clean-up tasks that need to be done each time the code is updated, you might want to implement a composer script. @dbarratt might also have some ideas.

Good plan. Is it okay for a composer script to call composer install? I guess so. :-)

The prod script is currently:

export SYMFONY_ENV=prod
cd /var/www
git pull origin master
composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader
./bin/console cache:clear --env prod
./bin/console assetic:dump --env prod

And similar on the staging server.

(I guess T167217 is the place for that discussion though.)

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Seems to be working now!

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