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Sister project snippets: investigate incubator wiki's and no results for Wikivoyage
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It looks like the languages that have projects in the Incubator don't have Wikivoyage results in the sister project snippets sidebar on the search results page.

Let's investigate to see if there is a fix we can do for this, or if we need to just know that languages that have projects that use the Incubator aren't supported fully by the sister project snippets.

Things to try to replicate: "Indonesia" on Indonesian Wikipedia and "ประเทศไทย" (Thai for "Thailand") on Thai Wikipedia or "アメリカ合衆国" on Japanese Wikipedia

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The list of sister projects displayed comes from SiteMatrix. If the project is not a plain blue link it won't be displayed.

We can't really offer this feature for incubator wikis without significant refactoring:

  • There is a single incubator wiki hosting all the test projects: we'll need to rely on filters on the title prefixes because:
    • Projects are identified by a common prefix in their titles (e.g. wb/as for the future
  • I'm not aware of something similar to SiteMatrix that would allow us to map the different projects in incubator
  • Search on incubator is probably mediocre since it's a multilanguage project (the english analysis is used)

This is just a very short list of the few problems I've identified at first glance...

Thanks for the research, @dcausse, I'll decline this ticket as we won't be able to take on refactoring the Incubator and the wiki's it has in it.