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Chinese site category pages should sort pages by roman alphabets
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There are 2500+ Chinese characters in common use, compared to 26 characters of roman alphabets. As a result, in a category page, most indexing sets consists of only one member, losing the purpose of sorting. For an example see數學分析

The community guideline recommends manually indexing pages by it's pinyin (spelling of characters by roman alphabets), that is, use the syntax [[微積分 | W ]], here 微 is spelled as "wei".

Mediawiki should do this automatically.

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See also related T46667, which unfortunately isn't really going anywhere.

I realized this feature can be implemented as a client side js gadget. Though paging will be broken.

A second thought is that, in my opinion no sorting will be better than current sorting.

T223750 could be an option looking into.