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Set up XTools servers with Puppet
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(This results from the discussion in T167217.)

The XTools servers (documented on Wikitech) are currently manually configured. They should be managed by a Puppet configuration.

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Change 368101 had a related patch set uploaded (by MaxSem; owner: MaxSem):
[operations/puppet@production] WIP: [labs] Puppetize XTools

So... I can't figure out how to approve pull requests on Gerrit, but it looks good to me.

Perhaps we should set this up with a Puppet config in our repo (or a new XTools one), so that non-Wikimedia deployers can benefit also.

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The process we took to setup XTools is well-documented, so unless someone wants to take this one I don't think it needs to linger on our board.

Change 368101 abandoned by MaxSem:
WIP: [labs] Puppetize XTools