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Remove not used items and properties from the "Lexeme Demo System"
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Demo instance of the WikibaseLexeme extension contains some items and properties that are irrelevant for demonstration purpose.
Those were created when trying out initial versions of the extension. To avoid confusion and not distract users, those could be deleted.

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Removed properties:

  • P4 "lexeme property". P17 "Gendered form" is an example of the property used to reference Lexeme entities
  • P5 "Rhymes with", P20 "Rhyme" is used instead
  • P6 "Homophone", not used
  • P7 "denotes", P25 "Refers to sense" is used instead
  • P8 "Synonym of", P21 "Synonym" is used instead.

Not needed items that used to be used to fake referencing form/sense references and now got removed:

  • Q9 "Form Item"
  • Q10 "Rhymes with Form"
  • Q11 "Homophone Form"
  • Q12 "Translates to Sense"
  • Q13 "Synonym Sense"
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