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Update web font Junicode to latest version
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Request: update the font Junicode used by Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector to the latest version 0.900


On English Wikisource, the template relies on the UniversalLanguageSelector extension to use the Junicode font with the font feature ss02 to display text using insular glyphs.

There is a limitation where text does NOT use insular glyphs when combined with Unicode Character 'COMBINING DOT ABOVE' (U+0307) even when font feature ss02 is specified. For illustration, see

I created a new feature request with Junicode to request that this limitation be removed. I was informed today that this limitation does not exist in the latest version 0.900. See the discussion at

Please update the font to the latest version or let me know what needs to be done in order to have the font updated. Thanks!

Beleg Tâl

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Change 652789 had a related patch set uploaded (by Inductiveload; owner: Inductiveload):
[mediawiki/extensions/UniversalLanguageSelector@master] Update Junicode to 1.002

@beleg_tal There's an update, but it does seem that it is still using the Latin form even with v 1.002. I see this with the attached webfonts and with Junicode 1.002 installed locally.

2020-12-31_185810_426x110_screenshot.png (110×426 px, 7 KB)

Change 652789 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/UniversalLanguageSelector@master] Update Junicode to 1.002