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List Applications button should show whitelist for authentication-based partners
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Coordinators can view a list of users with Approved & Sent applications for partners (T170795). For authentication-based partners (proxy and partners with account expiry dates) this should instead show coordinators the list of active and inactive authorizations for this partner.

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Samwalton9 renamed this task from 'Download user information csv' button should show whitelist for authentication-based partners to List Applications button should show whitelist for authentication-based partners.Apr 8 2019, 12:06 PM

@Samwalton9 List applications could potentially have multiple partners. Does that mean for more than one partner with different authorization methods we show 'Approved' and 'Sent', and 'Active' and 'Inactive'?

Where does List Applications have multiple partners?

I just realised from T170795 that the List Applications you are referring to is on the Partner Detail page. Makes sense now – back to the drawing board.

Ah I'm sorry I should have been clearer 😅

My thought is that we should just show authorizations and not applications at all. This would be implemented after we backfill missing authorizations.

Yeah that makes sense. We probably still want to show Approved applications, just not Sent, but maybe we should review the purpose of the page.

AVasanth_WMF changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Oct 15 2019, 5:54 AM

holding off on working on this until we decide on the purpose of this page.

Some thoughts:

  • This page was used to give coordinators and staff a way to retrieve user emails after their application had been sent, because we don't show that on the application page, only Mark as Sent.
  • Does this page have a use case for proxy partner coordinators/staff? Is there any situation coordinators/staff need user emails for a proxy partner?
  • We should at least be hiding this link & page for Bundle partners because it definitely has no use here.

To do:

  • Remove expired authorizations from view
  • Hide link + error page if partner is Bundle
  • For proxy and manual, show all valid authorizations. For non-proxy, additionally show Approved applications

For non-proxy, additionally show Approved applications

Could we fulfill the need for approved application details by simply linking to the relevant Mark to Sent page?

So we talked about this in the weekly meeting, and the only need we can think of for having this is that this is a place where coordinators can see applicant email addresses. We talked about adding a show/hide email address toggle in the review and application views to serve that need.

@AVasanth_WMF Could you open a new PR, or maybe just re-open this with a new title/description per Jason's comment above? Otherwise we won't have a clear record of what's happening here.