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Only allow privileged users to use CopyPatrol
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Suggested at See also T178681 and T178682.

There was a sockpuppet who was blocked and then went on a rampage on CopyPatrol. T178681 will prevent blocked users from doing reviews, but just as we see on-wiki, the sock could create another account and go right back to CopyPatrol (before they are blocked on the wiki).

The enwiki users are suggesting only allowing extended-confirmed users to use CopyPatrol. This sort of makes sense, because we wouldn't want new users doing copyright patrolling on the wiki either. Extended confirmed (30 days tenure, 500 edits) is a reasonable threshold to ensure the user roughly knows what they're doing. However projects other than enwiki might have different opinions. Perhaps we could make this configurable on-wiki, like we do the whitelist.

If anything, it's probably safe to require the user be (auto)confirmed on the corresponding wiki.

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Yeah, at the moment I'm leaning towards extended-confirmed. CopyPatrol is a really niche tool for very active contributors. About a dozen people have been taking care of all the cases on the biggest wiki, so it's not like we're hurting for patrollers and need to open this process up to new users.

Since extended-confirmed is only on English Wikipedia, we'll just do auto-confirmed for now.

kaldari set the point value for this task to 3.Nov 28 2017, 11:57 PM

@WingedBladesofGodric: See the previous comments in this task.This task is in the backlog until someone finds time to work on this.
Your code contributions are welcome if this task is important to you.

@WingedBladesofGodric: This task isn't considered high priority since the previous task to mitigate abuse (T178681) seems to have been effective, i.e. we haven't heard any complaints of bad reviews since then. Of course it's still relatively easy to abuse, so if you notice any problems in the meantime, let us know and we will make this higher priority.