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Switch MediaWiki to using PHPUnit 5.x
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Change 386118 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarkAHershberger; owner: MarkAHershberger):
[mediawiki/core@master] Update phpunit requirement

Krinkle renamed this task from update phpunit requirement to one that doesn't use the deprecated each() to Switch MediaWiki to using PHPUnit 5.x.Oct 24 2017, 12:36 AM
Krinkle triaged this task as Low priority.
Krinkle moved this task from Inbox to PHPUnit on the MediaWiki-Core-Tests board.

Change 386118 abandoned by MarkAHershberger:
Update phpunit requirement

abandoning for now, waiting for minimum php 5.6.

Krinkle subscribed.

Given T178538 (require PHP5.6) was declined and T172165 (require PHP7/HHVM) approved, we can probably upgrade from PHPUnit 4 to PHPUnit 6 directly, and decline this task as well, in favour of T177132.


Legoktm subscribed.

Declining in favor of jumping directly to PHPUnit 6.x.