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Interaction Timeline V1: Full date range support & infinite scroll
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The Timeline MVP will only support a start date and show the first 1,000 interactions. (T178715) The full featured timeline should support all edits from a specified time range.

For sake of brevity in the requirements below, the word 'edits' means only edits made on pages where both users have edited. (For example if Bob edits the articles Earth, Mars, and Venus and Joe edits Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars, then only edits to Mars should be shown.)

Acceptance criteria

  • If a user selects no date range, all edits from both users should be shown on the timeline
  • If a user selects only a start date, only an end date, or both, no edits outside the selected dates should appear
  • Infinite scroll
  • Note: Loading indicator and error messages will be handled in a different ticket

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TBolliger renamed this task from Interaction Timeline V1: Full date range support to Interaction Timeline V1: Full date range support & infinite scroll.Nov 3 2017, 6:22 PM
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@CSindersWMF & @TBolliger would you prefer infinite scroll or pagination? If you would like pagination, then T180546 should proceed this task.

Setting to resolved status, as it's in the Done column on our board.