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Additional math symbols for oriented integrals
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People want to make use of several integrals currently supported trough the template intorient. These symbols are not available in amsmath LaTeX, not supported by texvcjs and possibly not in mathjax either. Only two are represented in unicode ?

Clockwise and counter clockwise variants of the following contour closed integrals math commands

This all seems a bit niche...
Provided amongst others by the TX fonts and the kp fonts

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Many of these are defined in the MathJax texvc extension [1] which exists to help MediaWiki integration.


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@Pkra just two actually, the others are the plain forms of oiint and oiiint.

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@TheDJ I see oint, oiint, oiiint also but it definitely sounds like a niche. In any case, MathJax continues to be open for extending that extension to fit the needs of Mathoid /MediaWiki.

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If a symbol people need is missing or looks ugly, they will try to rewrite equations to make it work without the symbol or use some workarounds, e.g. in this case probably something like \int_C and then specify what C means. Those line integrals are common in complex analysis (residue theorem) and hence for example also in electrodynamics, I would estimate the number of articles where they could be used to more than 100 on enwiki.