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Create context-dependent sort key SECTIONSORT for use on Wiktionary (in addition to DEFAULTSORT)
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Hello. I’m trying to create a task for meta:2017 Community Wishlist Survey/Wiktionary/Context-dependent sort key. I proposed a new magic word for sort keys there and it is widely supported.

In most Wiktionary projects, a single page has several language sections, each of which has one or more entries of the same spelling (ex. wikt:en:日本). Currently, the magic word DEFAULTSORT works for an entire page, which means we cannot define a default sort key for each language in the same page. If we have a magic word for sort key for each language section, it will be much easier to correctly categorize pages on Wiktionary.

My proposal is the new magic word SECTIONSORT, which defines a default sort key immediately after its use up to its next use. By using SECTIONSORT, each language section can have an appropriate default sort key according to each language’s convention.