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Day 2 - Wikidata / Wikimedia Commons Workshop
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Wikidata / Wikimedia Commons Workshop

Date: 7th April 2018

Time: 9 am - 4 pm

Venue: Hotel St. Claire (Hall)

Organizers: @Eugene233, @D3r1ck01, @rosalieper

  • Roundup and Recap of the Previous workshop -- (by Eugene) <30mins>
  • Quick introduction to Organizers -- <10mins>
  • Talk on Wikimedia Commons (by Eugene Egbe) -- <30mins>
  • Advises on how to get a good photo shot for Commons (by Alangi Derick) --<30mins>
  • Benefits of Editing Wikimedia Commons (by Perside Rosalie) -- <20mins>
  • Hands-On Wikimedia Commons (organizing unorganized categories on Wikimedia Commons by Perside Rosalie) -- <1hr 25mins>
  • Having some few people volunteer to blog on their experience at the workshop -- 15mins
  • Launch Break -- Launch Break -- Launch Break -- <1hr 30mins>
  • Conclusion and Remarks ( by Perside Rosalie )-- <15mins>

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Thanks very much for opting to handle this @rosalieper

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Looking forward to this Day 2 :)

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