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PAWS fails to spawn user container
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Paws is failing to spawn a user's container. Hub log shows a line after timeout:

JupyterHub user:421] USERNAME server failed to start in 300 seconds, giving up

Judging by the hub logs it seems 12 users are affected by this right now.

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Chicocvenancio created this task.
Chicocvenancio lowered the priority of this task from High to Low.Feb 22 2018, 5:56 PM

Seems to be a result of many idle user pods staying active as a result of T175202.

I manually started the culler and got things working again (at least one previously affected user has gotten a pod started):

(using literal block to preserve backtick in command)

yuvipanda@tools-paws-master-01:~$ kubectl --namespace=prod exec -it hub-649d9bb8b4-92tl7 /bin/bash
root@hub-649d9bb8b4-92tl7: export JUPYTERHUB_API_TOKEN= %`jupterhub token yuvipanda`
root@hub-649d9bb8b4-92tl7: /usr/local/bin/ --timeout=3600 --cull_every=600 --url=

@Barcex , @Zoranzoki21 could you confirm PAWS is working for you now? I'll leave this open until you do.

zhuyifei1999 closed this task as Resolved.EditedFeb 22 2018, 10:11 PM

Root cause T175202 was fixed by @Chicocvenancio , and released the resources necessary to start new pods.