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Chronic problems getting logged off
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I have two problems that seem to be closely related:

  • If I log into one site (e.g., English Wikisource), and then open another (e.g., Commons), I am not initially logged in. In some cases, if I reload the page, it turns out I am logged in; but that's rare.
  • When I return to the first site (in this example, English Wikisource) I may be logged out.

This happens with surprising regularity, and strongly impacts my ability to do tasks that involve several sites (Wikisource, Wikidata, Commons, Wikipedia, Meta...) This has been the case since the beginning of SUL; I have never filed a bug report before, but when I've mentioned it to Wikimedia tech folks, I get responses that suggest my case may be an anomaly. I don't know that I've ever met anybody who has the same problem.

The issue persists across many browsers and many operating systems.

If it would be helpful, I could make a short screencast video illustrating the problem. (Yes, it's that consistent an issue.)

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This happens to people occasionally (e.g. T142568: SUL login randomly appears to not work, T139298: Central Login to Commons buggy) and it's almost always a client-side issue (usually some kind of aggressive anti-tracking-cookie feature), which means it requires a lot of debugging from the affected users (they usually give up first). Manual:How to debug/Login problems has instructions.

The expected behavior is that logging in to a project with the "remember me" checkbox set immediately logs you into all major projects, and the few exceptions (e.g. outreach wiki) will log you in asynchronously when you visit (your logged-out user menu is replaced with the logged-in one after a second or two).

Peteforsyth claimed this task.

Thank you Tgr, I'm sure that is the issue. Appreciate the response.
It's especially helpful to know that the Outreach Wiki is handled somewhat differently, as I have noticed that one gives me slightly different behaviors -- I had neglected to mention that in my initial report, as I have not been active there recently.