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Deploy "Deadlines" feature
Closed, ResolvedPublicApr 11 2018



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Apr 11 2018, 5:00 AM

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(If I edit a regular, existing task, is there any way to get that "Due Date" field displayed?)

@Aklapper: Unfortunately, no it only works for newly created tasks that use the 'deadline' form to set the subtype of the task. I could add the field to all tasks but that would be distracting on the majority of tasks which wouldn't use it.

@Aklapper: FYI it is now possible to change the type of a task using conduit or herald. Examples: {H295} {H296}

I'm really struggling with this.

Is this an auto-magic field? In that I simply add a field to Maniphest and it's supposed to work?

my Maniphest.custom-field-definitions looks like this:


"due": {
  "name": "Due Date",
  "type": "date"
"mycompany:estimated-hours": {
  "name": "Estimated Hours",
  "type": "int",
  "caption": "Estimated number of hours this will take."
"mycompany:actual-hours": {
  "name": "Actual Hours",
  "type": "int",
  "caption": "Actual number of hours this took."


My Maniphest.subtypes like this:

  "key": "default",
  "name": "Task"
  "key": "bug",
  "name": "Bug"
  "key": "feature",
  "name": "Feature Request"
  "key": "deadline",
  "name": "Deadline"


I've tried naming the field 'deadline', 'due date' and a few other variants, plus tried naming the field group multiple things 'deadline', 'mycompany' etc. before removing the field group as per the example url. The name is set to 'due' now as that appears to be its name in this example:

I've tried creating a new form and subtype called deadline and assigning that edit form to the deadline subtype.

But the deadline date doesn't appear on the project board. Just a marker that it's a subtype "DEADLINE"

I've just done a Phabricator upgrade as our install was running a May '18 version but no change.

Am I missing something? Thanks for any help.

@Motionlab: Please ask general Phabricator questions which are not directly related to Wikimedia's Phabricator instance in the Phabricator forum at - thanks!

will do, apologies, followed a trail of links and didn't realise!

@mmodell Some challenges my teams are facing:

  1. They would like to have multiple stamps on a task. So, for instance, a Bug Report for a bug that also has a deadline (and therefore a date stamp). Currently, it seems the only way to show a due date on a task and board is to change the subtype to Deadline.
  2. They would like to update existing tasks with a Due Date, including tasks that originally used a form that did not have this option (such as form 43)

Should I make a separate feature request for those? :)