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[Investigation] Ability for users to "claim" Toolhub entries
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One potential use case for Toolhub is tool developers communicating updates with their users and prompting beta testers to do tests. While toolinfo records establish a tool's author, that record is just plain text and there is no inherent association between the record and the Wikimedia user account of the tool developer.

The question is thus to figure out by what mechanism a Wikimedia user account of a tool developer can "claim" a Toolhub record. Best analogue I can think of is a business claiming their entry on Yelp in that it does not give them full editorial control (they can't rewrite interviews) but it does unlock the ability for that business to make official statements through the page. Similarly, I don't think any one person should have more editorial authority on Toolhub than another, but there are also some features that would make more sense coming from an "official voice." Such features include the ability to broadcast development updates, announce tool versions, and "activate" beta testers.

I think the workflow would work mostly like this:

  • A tool, by default, is unclaimed. Just another directory entry.
  • A logged in user applies to claim the tool, submitting some kind of evidence.
  • A reviewer checks this evidence and approves/rejects the request as necessary.

It would be nice if there were some way to expedite this process, such that tool records are claimed at the point of creation.

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bd808 triaged this task as Low priority.Oct 6 2020, 10:50 PM

As a tool author i would be interested in this feature. However, i would refrain from adding too much features. There's already a communication problem with many of the tools because there are so many possible places where people can get support and discuss the project (e.g. on several WM projects, on social media, over e-mail, etc.). I think maybe having an option to directly link to a 'documentation homepage' (instead of just the regular tool link) might be useful though.