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CX2: Sections aren't keyboard navigable
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You cannot press up/down arrows to go to the previous/next section. Pressing right arrow key seems to only work when going from paragraph to a section title.
Pressing and holding seems to change the section after some number of seconds. Persistence pays off.

cx2-sections-not-keyboard-navigable.gif (942×1 px, 463 KB)

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T109056 is a related ticket for version 1. We probably want to discard the one about version 1, and focus our efforts in solving this for version 2.

We need to deal with users moving to a paragraph that was not added to the translation. Ideally, that should result in the "+ Add translation" placeholder becoming visible and allowing the user to add the paragraph by pressing enter or keep moving with the arrows). This can be considered a follow-up ticket if it adds too much complexity to the current one.

Petar.petkovic claimed this task.

Navigating through sections using keyboard arrows is now possible.