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Wikibase-rc-wikibase-edit-title rendering
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(Coming at this from English Wikipedia.)

The special flags that are shown on watchlist and recent changes (r, N, m, b, !, D) are rendered with tooltips, and with a legend box. For the other flags, the tooltips are rendered with source message (e.g.), whereas the legend box shows the local MediaWiki message (e.g.).

In the case of Wikidata however, both the legend box and the tooltips are rendered from the local message, and not from source.

Previously it contained a wikilink, which was removed per T98703. Now the tooltips is rendering html codes. So we have

Edit made at Wiki<span style="text-decoration: underline;">d</span>ata

Is there any way of fixing this so the legend box still has the markups, but not when the message is showed as a tooltips?