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Make globalblocks apply to Meta-Wiki as well
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Current scenario
To allow for appeals, global IP blocks do not apply to Meta-Wiki.

However and seeing how the vast majority of blocked IPs come later to Meta-Wiki to continue to vandalise, it has been customary for some time already to issue at the same time a local block mirroring the global block settings. To do that, we have a checkbox on Special:GlobalBlock (introduced at 581a1aa161a6 as per T19824: Optionally place a local block when globally blocking) that makes mirroring the global block to Meta-Wiki easy, but has a major flaw: it blocks talk page access by default (cfr. T146120: Do not block talk page access by default when setting a local block on Meta) therefore blocking all means of communication. Despite of that, it is a heavily used feature, which demonstrates, IMHO, that there's a recurrent need that such global blocks be expanded to Meta-Wiki as well to prevent further abuse ( continued abusive account creations or vandalism).

Requested scenario
It is therefore proposed:

  • That global IP blocks do apply on Meta-Wiki by default.
  • Talk page access for globally blocked IPs is kept revocked.
  • Talk page access for globally blocked IPs for Meta-Wiki only is kept open. This is a must-be. The blocked IP should be able to edit only the Meta-Wiki talk page (other options such as creation of accounts should be kept blocked).
  • That a checkbox to optionally not apply the block to Meta-Wiki be added instead.

Thank you.

Event Timeline

Can you please point to the community consensus for this change. I do not believe that this change should take place without a community consensus.

Stewards have the ability to currently block problematic IP addresses, which they can do. They also have the ability to have their tools amended to when they apply them, and would encourage those changes to be made.

Software development does not require community consensus. Implementation does (in some cases). I am requesting that the feature be built.

Current scenario hinders stewards' work (if T146120 were to be fixed that'd be great, and will have the same result; we're nearly always mirroring the blocks to Meta because there's a need to do so).

It doesn't read that way. And nearly always mirroring is not 'always mirroring'

That's why "a checkbox to optionally not apply the block to Meta-Wiki be added instead" was requested, for the 1/2% of cases where we don't want the block to be mirrored (replace Meta-Wiki with something along the lines "the wiki that extension globalblocking ignores or where globalblocks do not apply").