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Evaluate VMWare's Harbour as a docker registry
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Harbour is, by all definitions, a superior docker registry for our needs:

  • It has multitenancy builtin
  • Can (quite easily) integrate with LDAP
  • Is thought to work in multiple instances
  • Has native support for Swift including removal of old images and TLS if supported
  • Has support for cross-instance replication (multi-dc too)
  • Has support for read-only builtin (we could also separate the public and private instances this way)
  • Can use clair to scan images for vulnerabilities
  • Has an api that is richer than the original docker one, with client libraries in python

I think we should start testing it out ASAP, before migrating our registry becomes too complex.

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fsero claimed this task.

since we are not moving forward with Harbor at least for now, closing this task. The evaluation was done and the results are listed on this task