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Examine non-ISBN refs on svwp
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Description is a handy tool to grab all the refs from a wiki. How can we best proceed to analyze non-ISBN (either old, or badly cited) books on svwp?

The raw refdump will be of use for T175348, so make sure to share it before processing!

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This will be done using the svwiki-20180801-pages-articles.xml.bz2 dump.

The output of the tool looks like:

page_id	page_title	rev_id	rev_timestamp	reference
6097238	Phoebe Point	41704536	20171025051715	<ref>…ref content…</ref>

Thus it will have to be processed further by extracting only the last column of the TSV file.

cut -f 5 svwp.tsv > svwp_refs_only.tsv

Then: find all instances of {{Bokref}} → create author : title pairs -> create a frequency list of those.

Note that author can be encoded in different ways, either as efternamn= |förnamn= or författare=; can be normalized by joining the separate names.