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Single quote in file name confuses reupload form
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Go to the re-upload form for file [[File:Insigne de l'ETAP.jpg]] on the Commons:

The XHTML is invalid, it contains

<input tabindex='2' type='hidden' name='wpDestFile' id='wpDestFile'
value='Insigne_de_l'ETAP.jpg' /><tt>Insigne_de_l'ETAP.jpg</tt>

'Insigne_de_l'ETAP.jpg' is not a valid string.

As a result, you cannot upload a file, the server will always respond
"The file has no extension (like ".jpg")." (At least in Firefox, because
FF passes "Insigne_de_l" as the value and ignores the rest.)

Somehow, the single quote in the file name does not get escaped.

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herd wrote:

*** Bug 18500 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

As of today, commons is working with r48811. Can commons be updated to r49051? In practice, the bug is NOT resolved, because the resolution is not available.

The common practise is to mark bugs as resolved when the fix is applied. This does not mean that Wikimedia Foundation has or has not updated their code. Those updates usually take weeks, except for some things which are updated out-of-cycle.

herd wrote:

*** Bug 18503 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***