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Duplicated LIBRIS values
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List of WD objects with more than one LIBRIS value WD Property 906

SELECT ?person (count (?LIBR) AS ?Nr) WHERE {
  ?person wdt:P906 ?LIBR.
} group by ?person having (?Nr > 1)

Suggestion: Problem that should be cleaned at LIBRIS and reported back to Wikidata

Stopper missing a well defined way of communicating problems like this to LIBRIS

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Salgo60 created this task.Aug 23 2018, 5:58 PM
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Salgo60 edited projects, added Property-P906; removed Magnus Sälgö.
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My spontaneous feeling is that at least some of these were added erroneously. But yes I have seen duplicated Libris posts for people, and I am also curious about how they are going to deal with them. In the first stage of the project, items with multiple Selibr values will be ignored: T202606.

Salgo60 updated the task description. (Show Details)Aug 24 2018, 7:19 AM

Sure Wikidata is Wikidata but some of them are errors and should be cleaned at the source i.e. LIBRIS and it would be great if we at least

  1. get lists of the mess
  2. a decision if someone will fix this or not and with a trackable ID at LIBRIS
    1. when looking at duplicates of VIAF Property P214 in Wikidata its a never ending discussion that is never well documented or well understood is my feeling see
      1. Facebook 2018-08-09
      2. Wikipedia:VIAF/errors which is a list I am not sure if anyone is taken care of

In my blogpost 2018-03 I also pointed out that LIBRIS has less authority records than VIAF for People in Swedish Biographic Lexicon SBL link which feels like an indication that

  1. SBL <-> LIBRIS are not working tight together
    1. SBL doesnt know of or link LIBRIS today which is very very odd and sad
  2. LIBRIS <-> VIAF is not working tight together

I have pointed out for Digisam that step 1 in moving direction Digital culture is to have change management in place and they should check what Wikidata has done with Phabricator... not having change management in place is for me an indication how premature Open Data is and that no serious work has been done.... Cool if Wikidata could be a good example showing that this could be done in a controlled way....

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Since it is not directly part of the funded project at this point