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CX2: Adjust the transition when navigating through issues
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Content Translation provides a system to communicate different errors and warnings (T189488). This system shows the different issues as cards the user can navigate through, and for those issues affecting specific parts of the content it shows markers next to the content.

As the user navigates through the issues or focuses the input in paragraphs with markers, the document and the cards update to be in sync. This means that moving to the next issue using the cards may result in the document to scroll to the affected paragraph.
Currently these changes are abrupt, which can cause users disorientation.

Some ideas to explore:

  • Use smooth scrolling when moving the document.
  • Explore how to highlight the current active marker to distinguish it more clearly from other markers next to it.
  • Explore transitions in the card itself when moving to a different issue.

Further design details to be provided when the above explorations are completed.

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